Donovan McNabb’s Future (Or lack thereof…)

Donovan McNabb. 5 time NFC champion, 6 time Pro Bowler, and now he’s sitting on the bench behind Viking’s rookie Christian Ponder.

McNabb always seemed successful in Philadelphia, but there was always something about him that drove fans there crazy (I’m sure Joey can attest to this further). He’d been on Minnesota’s radar ever since Brad Childress became the coach for the Vikings in 2006. To a degree, it seemed like his arrival in purple was inevitable.

Instead, McNabb gets traded within the division (which should say something about how much the Eagle valued him) to the Redskins. And when push comes to shove he is benched. FOR REX GROSSMAN! Nothing against Rex here, but come on. Next thing you know, McNabb is traded to the Vikings.

Donovan was worthless for the Vikes. They simply could not move the ball with him. He lost the ability to throw the long ball with any accuracy and teams were loading the box to stop Adrian Peterson. The effect? An ineffectual Vikings offense.

I went to the Vikings game against the Arizona Cardinals, and thanks to some great field position, they shot out to an early 28-0 lead. And guess what? McNabb was still booed. And you know what? I booed too. It doesn’t matter whether you are up by 28 or down by 28, as an NFL quarterback you cannot under throw the ball every time. Receivers catch with their hands, not their feet.

Leslie Frazier made the right move by benching McNabb. He stagnated the Vikings offense, and rookie Christian Ponder seems to be effective at moving the ball and managing a capable offense. His success seems to mean that McNabb will be riding the pine pony for the rest of the season.

So what’s next for McNabb? He’s 34, which makes it unlikely that he can be the centerpiece of any NFL team’s offense. As Donovan has shown this season, he cannot serve as a veteran stopgap for a team looking to buy some time for a young QB to develop. Barring any injuries to Ponder, I think we’ve seen the last of Donovan McNabb.

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