Keeping Busy During the Lockout

Kevin Durant is one of the hardest working players in the NBA. However, with this lockout carrying on for over 17 weeks now, he has to find other ways to spend his time. He was laying the smack down in the Goodman League until the season ended. Durant casually dropped over 50 points in multiple games pitting him against other NBA superstars. He also played in several charity games, further cementing his status as the best freakin’ guy on the court.

Most recently, Durant took his talents to the gridiron for a little flag football action. Durant tweeted about anyone playing flag football, and was graciously invited to

play in an intramural game at Oklahoma State.  As usual, KD put up G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) numbers. Playing quarterback and safety he threw 4 touchdowns and picked off 3 passes. This is the point where you say, “What can’t he do?!”

While stories like this are nice to hear about and can be heartwarming around the holidays, they don’t compare to an NBA season. Last night should have kicked off the season in style with the defending champion Mavericks taking on the Bulls, followed by Durant himself going H.A.M on the Lakers. Games like these aren’t going to be around forever with guys like Kobe and Jason Kidd applying for their AARP cards soon. This lockout is not only robbing the fans of what could be (and would have been) a fantastic season, but also, and almost more importantly, aging players of one of their remaining years in the league. Teams like the Celtics, whose core guys are all over 34, are losing precious time to make one last run at a championship.

You don’t have to be old to be suffering right now. The Heat have two young studs, and Chris Bosh, who are under contract for 6 years. One of those years is gone, another looks to be headed down the tubes, which leaves them with 4 years to win their promised 11 championships. Don’t get me wrong, I hope they don’t win a single one, but it’s way more fun to watch them lose on the court.

The time for pointing fingers has passed and no one really cares whose fault this lockout is. The bottom line is I want to watch basketball. Right now the earliest games could return is December 1st which features two playoff rematches from last year, Thunder-Nuggets and Heat-Celtics. Two fantastic games. This lockout needs to end.

At least I have this slick Nike ad to brighten my spirits. Wetball

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