Fantasy Football Department

I was talking with my friend Andrew (feel free to follow him on twitter @aazorsky if you’re looking for someone who would like to marry the University of Michigan) about the ridiculousness of some college departments. Want to get a degree in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology? No problem. Ancient Mediterranean Studies? Yup. Recreation, Park, and Leisure Studies, what’s that? I don’t know, but you can get a degree in it.

So, let’s be honest. I want a college degree in something I’m interested in. I want a Fantasy Football Department. Anyways, there’s more money to be made with a Fantasy Football degree than a Philosophy degree, right?

So what would it take to get a degree? You’ve got to take some required classes

FFL 100: Introduction to Fantasy Football
The basics of fantasy football. Basically, an easy A.

FFL 250: Drafting Strategies
Here’s where things get a little more complicated. Who do you pick and when? What round should you take a Tight End? Should you even draft a kicker or defense? Find out in this class!

FFL 320: Bye Week Strategy
Spread out bye weeks? Pack them all into one? Carry an extra D or Tight End?

Anyways, yes this is satire, but just a fun thought as people start registering for spring semester. Feel free to add to the Fantasy Football courses in the comments.

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