This Week in Sports: Videos

Here are a couple of videos from around the world of sports this past week.

First up, the plight of a brain damaged hockey player. After being slammed into the boards one too many times, Henrik Eriksson can’t seem to tell the difference between his teammates and opponents in this goal celebration.

Next on the docket is the new world record for longest header goal. In a game between Fagiano Okayama and Yokohama FC the only goal scored was a 58 meter (about 63 yards) header that perplexed the goalie.

This last video is a two for one special, which makes up for the fact that it’s from over a week ago…and 20 years ago. Joe Buck calls David Freese’s walk off home run to win an incredible Game 6 of the World Series. 20 years earlier, his father Jack Buck made the same call on Kirby Puckett’s walk off home run to send that World Series to Game 7 as well. That was also the last championship in Minnesota, Los Lynx don’t count.

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