This Week in Sports: Videos

Our first video addresses the issue that has been all over the sports world this past week: Joe Paterno. Amidst a huge child sex abuse scandal in the Penn State football program, the university decided to clean house and Joe Paterno was among those fired. JoePa coached at Penn State for 46 years and is the record holder for most victories by and FBS football coach. JoePa was fired in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal, which took place over 15 years. It is a truly horrific story, and as new developments come to light it actually gets worse. Here is JoePa, just saying thank you to the students outside his home, and bidding college football farewell.

In other disappointing sports news, the NBA lockout still isn’t over. However, the deal on the table at the moment proposes a 72 game schedule where the first week of playoffs and the Finals are pushed back a week. The deal also calls for a 50-50 split of Basketball Related Income (BRI) between players and owners. If the Players Association (PA) doesn’t accept this deal the season will most likely be canceled. David Stern has also said that the next deal would feature a 47-53 split of the BRI in favor of the owners. The PA needs to take this deal, not just for themselves, but especially for the fans. #BasketballNeverStops

Here’s a link to a video on the latest on the NBA lockout. And here’s a Sport Science video about the carrier classic.

There is a sport that is way above every other sport, literally it’s played in the air. I am speaking of the game of champions, Quidditch. The game was once just J.K. Rowling’s dream, but now it has come to life. There is an International Quidditch Association  and the high-flying game is played at over 300 universities and high schools in 13 countries. And if that isn’t crazy enough, they have a World Cup, and it’s tomorrow. The fifth Quidditch World Cup will be played November 12-13, 2011 in New York and feature 100 teams and 2,000 athletes. Should be awesome.

This deserves another video.

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