Cam Newton’s New Gatorade Endorsement?

Last week I wrote about which Carolina Panther I would love to have 26 of (to start every position including Punter, Kicker, Returner, and yes, even Long-snapper).  That was Steve Smith.  This week I give you a young Panther of whom I am fine with one of.  Not because I do not like him, but because he is the kind of player I want to lead, I want other players to look to him and think that they need to want to win as much as he does.  People, I am talking about the Panthers Quarterback of the future, Mr. Cameron Jerrell Newton (here come the ney-sayers).

In the past two weeks or so, the media has been evaluating and over-evaluating a truly weak subject.  In a poor and pathetic attempt to trash their “Scam” Newton, they’ve pin-pointed his so called sulky attitude after games and drives.  Now I’m not complaining so much, because at the end of the day, they also gave me something to write about.

Cam Newton’s post game demeanor could be described as sulky, pouty, gloomy, etc.  and I could see that.  The guy hates to lose.  When he wins, it looks as though the sun is shining in that conference room.  I can’t blame him because I am the same way.  If I win, I will talk s*** like no other, but if I lose, I will not speak.  Simple and plain.  That’s how I want my Quarterback to carry himself.  I would much rather a guy like that standing up there than some dude that’s gonna half ass a football game and go up there and say we’ll get’em next time, and then go and do nothing and lose next week.  Cam is up there saying that we flat out sucked, but that we’re gonna go and figure this out for next week.  Yes, there have been times I have been disappointed with what Cam has said at the podium, but that is not my place.  He has said some things I like though:

September 11, 2011, at Arizona, when asked about losing.                                                    “It’s not comfortable for me, I’m not gonna sit up here and huff and puff, and tell y’all this and that, but it doesn’t feel good, there was one point where we got too lax, we gotta learn from this game and can’t linger on the bad things, we did a lot of good things.

September 18, 2011, Green Bay, when asked about having been competitive in this game.  “I don’t like that word, ‘competing’, we don’t go into each game to compete, we go to win.”

As anyone can see by watching a Panthers game, Cam Newton does everything he can to help us win.  Why do you think he has set all these records and exceeded everyone’s expectations?  He has had to, in order to give the Panthers a chance, he’s had to.  I just hope that the Panthers organization looks to the future and realizes they need to help Cam out in order for him to help Charlotte get its first Championship.  That being said, Cam Newton should sign an endorsement with Gatorade.

To see some Cam Newton post-game interview.  Click here. 

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