Tim Tebow: Does He Just Know How to Win?

For a number of reasons, the NFL universe is obsessed with Tim Tebow. He is one of the most polarizing athletes of the last few years. This post is mostly going to focus on how Tebow performs on the field. However, there is one off field point I feel I need to make.

Tim Tebow is very open about his beliefs in Christianity. That’s fine. Honestly, I don’t mind it. For reasons I guess I don’t understand, it really rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Other athletes are pretty upfront about their religion, so I don’t see why the fact that Tebow does it is a problem. Does the following Thanksgiving tweet really bother you: “Happy thanksgiving to every family in the world be thankful for your lord, family, and friends”. If it does, well then you better find a different Twins outfield to enjoy, because that was Ben Revere. Other athletes are up front about their religion, it doesn’t affect you. Move on. The real issue is how the media blows the whole situation up. Honestly, do we really need Tebow headlines with savior, resurrected, etc.? Drop the religious wordplay, you’re just making things worse.

Tebow warming up against the Vikings

Now to discuss what really matters: Tebow on the field. There are two sides to this argument. The first is that Tebow “just knows how to win” and the second is that Tebow is a quarterback who doesn’t belong in the NFL. Both sides are wrong.

First, I want to address the idea that Tebow “just knows how to win”. For all you Tebow fans out there, I’m sorry, but he doesn’t. For the past 5+ weeks, the Denver Broncos just know how to win. Look at the box scores of the last few wins the Broncos have. In most of those games, the Broncos defense has held their opponents to under 20 points. With the game against the Oakland Raiders as an exception, the defense has kept Tebow and the Denver offense in the game. The Broncos were the benefactors of a missed field goal against San Diego. Tebow had nothing to do with that. They beat the Vikings because of three costly Christian Ponder turnovers. Tebow had nothing to do with that. Tebow doesn’t “just know how to win”. I’ll explain soon what he does know how to do.

As for the anti-Tebow camp, I do say that at the end of day, wins are the only thing that matters in the NFL. He’s 6-1 as a starter this season. Clearly, he’s able to serve as a competent NFL quarterback. Does it seem laughable that he went 2-8 against the Kansas City Chiefs? Yes. It really does. But, the Broncos won. That’s all that matters. Results matter.

So here’s my real take on Tebow. He doesn’t suck. You cannot say he doesn’t belong in the NFL. That would be a wrong thing to say. Does he “just know how to win”? No. That’s a ridiculous statement. Here’s what Tebow can do as good as anyone else right now: manage a football game. Tebow manages the offense and helps put the Broncos in situations in which they can succeed. The Broncos are a run first team. Willis McGahee has the second most 100 yard games this season and is an excellent runner. Backups Knowshon Moreno and Lance Ball are also solid options. Throw in Tebow’s ability to run if a pass play breaks down and his ability to gain yardage in designed quarterback runs, and you have a powerful running attack. This running attack runs time off the clock and gives the Broncos tough defense the opportunity to rest up.

As he showed against KC, Tebow doesn’t need to throw the ball for the Broncos offense to put points on the board. When he throw though, it is quite the adventure. He’s not a great passer. A lot of his passes are in places where his receivers cannot get to the ball. That’s bad. But when he makes bad throws, it’s to places where even defenders can’t get to them either. Simply put, he’s not going to be a guy that tosses a lot of interceptions. That’s incredibly important. If the Broncos defense isn’t playing against a short field, they have a better shot at keeping the other team out of the end zone, making it easier for the Broncos offense. When a receiver is wide open, like they were against the Vikings today, he can get the ball to them. Sometimes he catches them in stride. Sometimes not.

In the end, Tebow doesn’t turn the ball over, and he helps facilitate the running game. He’s not the worst quarterback ever and he’s not the greatest quarterback ever. He’s the kind of quarterback that the Broncos need. To be honest, that is the only thing that matters. He helps them win, and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

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3 Responses to Tim Tebow: Does He Just Know How to Win?

  1. Pf Wag says:

    You missed the fact that he is playing far better than most of the great NFL QBs did in their rookie year. (Technically Tebow isn’t a rookie but he doesn’t have a full year of starting QB experience yet. And no minicamp this year.) He’s still learning how to be a NFL QB and is getting better each game. However, you can’t learn what he does in crunch time. That portends that his second year will be much better. Imagine what he’ll be doing when he learns to play for four quarters like he does in the fourth quarter.

    • Brian says:

      I’m certainly willing to admit that he has had an amazing run the past two months, but I’m a little sick of hearing about his greatness. He’s winning games. That’s what is important, but I think people shouldn’t forget what his teammates do to put him in a position to win. Tebow doesn’t kick 50+ yard field goals. Tebow doesn’t blow coverage allowing Decker of Thomas to get wide open. He performs when he needs to. That’s worth noting. But in the end, with the rest of the parts that are on this team (McGahee, Decker, Thomas, Miller, Dawkins, Bailey, etc.), I think that a majority of the QB’s in this league could be putting these games away without late game heroics. It’s impressive stuff. You can’t teach clutch, but I think it doesn’t bode well for a playoff run.

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