Week 15: Tales of the 4th Quarter

The last few weeks have been filled with 4th quarter comebacks, and as a fan it does not seem to matter what the score is, it only matters who is at the helm. With Tebow anything is possible and it does not matter how bad he looked, you just feel like he will find a way to pull it out. Tony Romo on the other hand just leaves you feeling like no matter what, he will find a way to lose if it is close. There is nothing more exciting than watching a magical (or sad depending on how you look at it) 4th quarter miracle.

Here is to hoping we get several more in Week 15…

(Home team in CAPS)

Jacksonville +11 over ATLANTA

The last time the Falcons beat a team by more than 10 points was way back on the first week in November and that was over the very, very lowly Colts. MJD has been carrying the whole city of Jacksonville on his back the last few weeks, I expect the Jags to hang around and make a game of this one.

Dallas -6 over TAMPA BAY

Two heartbreaking losses in a row for Dallas, no way they lose another one with the season hanging in the balance.

NY GIANTS -6.5 over Washington

Coming off an emotional win in Big D, this is the perfect game to have an Eli letdown. That being said, Eli looks like he might be turning a corner so I think he’ll pull this one out and maybe bring the Giants to the playoffs.

Green Bay -14 over KANSAS CITY

The Packers offense is a well oiled machine at this point in the year, and losing their best receiver will make very little difference this week. As long as they have not wrapped up home field advantage I expect them to continue playing hard and continue to beat down bad teams.

New Orleans -7 over MINNESOTA

The Saints are a very different team on grass, as evident by the last three weeks (40 PPG on turf and just 22 on grass), but this week they play the Vikes, who play in a dome. Expect the Saints to score early and often against an awful Vikings secondary.

Seattle +3.5 over CHICAGO

Marshawn Lynch is on a Skittles eating rampage and after a crushing defeat at the hands of the Tebow, the Bears defense will play like the season is over… which at this point it is.

Miami +1 over BUFFALO

Miami had been playing extremely well up until last week, and I expect a bounce back performance against a Bills team they beat by 27 just a month ago. The Bills are tanking, and after losing 6 in a row what is one more going to do?

HOUSTON -6.5 over Carolina

The Texans just find a way to win. The Panthers defense is atrocious, and for all the stats Cam has put up, he finds ways to blow big leads and give away points. Arian Foster will run wild and the Texans will cruise in this one.

Tennessee -6.5 over INDIANAPOLIS

It does not matter who they are playing, the Colts wouldn’t beat a turtle in a race at this point.

Cincinnati -6.5 over ST. LOUIS

The Rams are the saddest team in the league (other than the Colts, who barely belong in the NFL). It is sad watching them waste the talent of Steven Jackson as his prime slips away. On the other side the Bengals roll bad teams, so this should be a cakewalk.

Detroit -1 over Oakland

Carson, Carson, Carson. 13 picks in 7 games was not what the Raiders had in mind when they gave up a couple of valuable picks to get you. The Lions have a very opportunistic defense, as evident by the 6 turnovers they forced last week. The Lions will force Carson into several mistakes and pull this one out on the road.

DENVER +6 over New England

I am completely crazy for Tebow. Yes, the Pats are better and they should win this by 30 on paper. But I can’t help but take Tebow. Where there is a will, there is a way, and he always has the will.

PHILADELPHIA -2.5 over NY Jets

Call me a sucker, but until the Eagles are out of the playoffs I will choose to get roped in. The Eagles have shown signs that the defense can play, and against the Sanchize I think the defense will carry this team to a close victory.

ARIZONA -6.5 over Cleveland

There is very little public appeal in this game. Colt McCoy will struggle for what seems to be the millionth game in a row, and the Cardinals will continue to play well at home.

Baltimore -2.5 over SAN DIEGO

The Ravens are too strong and too mean to only be giving 2.5 against a Chargers team that can look flatter than week old beer. Rivers has looked better the past two weeks against lesser defenses, and I can easily see him reverting to Week 7 Rivers and laying an egg at home.

Pittsburgh -1.5 over SAN FRANCISCO

The first good Monday Night Football game in a while will serve as another physical test for the 49ers this week at home. They lost a bruising battle back on Thanksgiving against the Ravens, and I think the same thing will happen in this one. Big Ben will play, because he is the toughest athlete in the game, and the Steelers will pull out a very physical battle that will leave even the fans looking for ice packs after all is said and done.

Good luck with the picks, and as always, gamble responsibly.

Last Week: 7-9

Season: 51-40-1

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